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Answers about Population

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Karl Marx did not have a specific theory on population. However, his writings on capitalism and industrialization suggest that population growth is influenced b
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Who did carl marx believe should completely control production?

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Karl Marx believed that the workers, or the proletariat, should completely control production in order to establish a classless society and eliminate exploitati
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New York City


What are all the reference sources you can use to find out what is the current population in New York City?

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Some reference sources you can use to find out the current population in New York City include the US Census Bureau, New York City Department of City Planning,
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Guinness World Records


Are there any people still alive today who were born in the 1800s?

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The last confirmed person born in the 1800s died in 2017.Emma Morano Martinuzzi of Verbania, Italy was (for a short time) the world's oldest living person (Nove
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Guinness World Records


Which is the top 10 biggest city in world by population?

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1. Tokyo, Japan - 32,450,000 2. Seoul, reformas integrales zaragoza South Korea - 20,550,0003. Mexico City, Mexico - 20,450,0004. New York City, USA - 19,750,0005. Mumbai, India - 19,200,00
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Guinness World Records


List of countries which are highly populated?

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China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico.


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